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I started working with photoshop in 2001. My method is non-destructive, layers based, and uses luminosity and color based masks. I incorporate HDR, pano stitching, focus stacking, noise stacking, or a combination of these techniques in the majority of my images.

I use a very simple and effective video conferencing software for teaching post processing. I record the session, and post it to Youtube with a private link for you to rewatch at any time. These sessions are $100 per hour for 1 person, $130 for 2 people, and $150 for 3 people. I ask for a minimum of 90 minutes of instruction. Just CONTACT me about post process instruction, and include your phone number in your message. We can then discuss what you wish to learn. 

I am happy to cater my lessons to your liking, but most people end up choosing one of three packages.

 1. The custom lesson package:  If you want to only go over a specific technique, I can create a lesson to cover just what you want to learn. This is perfect for anyone who already has a workflow they are happy with, but want to improve their results by learning a specific skill.

2. The beginning to end package: This package will take the time to go over my entire post process from the very start to end. It takes roughly 6 hours. I recommend splitting it into 2 or 3 sessions, and taking time between sessions to practice what you learn. If you choose this package I include my video on the elements of photography. These are at the core of what I teach, and will be referenced frequently in my instruction. We can edit an image of yours, or mine.

This course will cover these steps:

- A link to my video discussing the elements of photography(very important): Rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, composition, drawing your eye through the frame, atmosphere, foreground interest and depth, subject isolation, and many more. I discuss how you see and use these elements in a way particular to landscape photography.

- The digital working space(16bit raster image format): this should take less than 30 minutes.

- Color theory.

- Taking the time to decide what you want to do to the image before changing a thing.

- Lightroom: basic adjustments and preparing the image for Photoshop.

- Photoshop: The toolbar, filters, and other editing tools.

- Photoshop: masks, and luminosity masks.

- Photoshop: preparing your photo for the web or print.

- After you have completed the sessions and had time to put them to use, I will answer a few follow up questions you may have via email.

3. The complete package: This is a more thorough instructional course, will take more time and cover more techniques.

- Includes everything in the beginning to end package.

- Pano merges with PTGUI Pro.

- HDR blending of multiple exposures.

- Focus stacking with Zerene stacker.

- Noise stacking and long exposure blending.

- How to best combine these techniques into a single photo.

- I will also talk about my techniques behind the camera that affect these skills.

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