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Framed glossy paper print

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     Are you ready to order a print but are not sure about what printing type you want? This guide will make those decisions a breeze. Choose a printing style that best suits your particular use case.

     Every single step of my artistic process is taken with the intention of making large museum grade fine art prints. Every image in my gallery meets a strict standard of sharpness, clarity, and cleanliness. The majority of my work exceeds 150 megapixels of detail. Large prints show incredible detail when viewed close up. I have ordered samples or visited dozens of print labs over the years in search of the best results. I have found 2 print labs who’s results truly stand out among their peers.

     Prints are available in any size. The shape of the print will affect the dimensions. Prices for prints that are not listed will be the same as the nearest listed price, but adjusted to represent the surface area of your print.

     Ordering a print: send me a message with the size, print type, and any questions you may have. Look for contact on the menu bar. I will respond with an invoice via email. After a payment has been received via PayPal, I will begin preparing your order.

Unmounted glossy fine art paper: You receive a print on paper in a tube. Glossy papers have been the industry standard for fine art prints for decades. You will need to have the print mounted and framed yourself. A local art frame shop will assist you in choosing the right frame for you.

Unmounted matte fine art paper: You receive a print on paper in a tube. Matte papers are similar to glossy, but much better for displaying in an area with significant reflections. Choose this if you will view your print in a location with bright windows behind you. I recommend a glossy paper for most environments. You will need to have the print mounted and framed yourself. I recommend no glass, be careful not to damage the exposed print.

Unmounted canvas fine art paper: You receive a canvas print in a tube. Canvas papers do not display as much detail, or contrast as a glossy paper. Choose this option if you have a specific desire for canvas. You may choose this if other art on display in your home is on canvas, or your environment is has a classic, antique aesthetic.

Acrylic mounted fine art print: You receive an acrylic mounted fine art print in a wood crate. It is ready to hang straight out of the box. The acrylic mounting acts as both a frame and glasslike cover for the image. A transparent print is laminated between a white paper base and a 1/8” sheet of acrylic glass. The result is a borderless print that floats 3/4” off your wall. The paper has a metallic reflective quality that adds depth and brilliance to the image.

Acrylic mounted print

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Unmounted glossy or matte fine art paper, or canvas(needs mounting and framing)

18x24 = $449

20x30 = $599

24x36 = $849

30x45 = $1199

40x60 = $1599 

Acrylic mounted fine art prints

18x24 = $599

20x30 = $699

24x36 = $999

30x45 = $1399

40x60 = $1799

60x90 = $2299

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